Hello to a new friend: 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I am one of those people who is always a bit melancholy around the new year... I am always feeling disappointment over the things I had wanted to do and never got done, sadness the the pure and simple joy of the Christmas season is over, and, being the nostalgic person I am, the bitter-sweetness of all the things that have happened that would now be nothing more than memories of "a better time." I have to constantly remind myself that it is a case of "the grass isn't always greener."

That is why I am going into the new year with the thought firmly in place that there is nothing to be sad and wistful about! 2014 is going to be so awesome it will be like meeting a new person who becomes an amazing friend!

The year dawned grey and snowy... My favorite kind of weather for the long, cold, Wisconsin winters!


I already have plenty of plans and ideas and hopes for the new year, so here is just a sort list of my New Years Resolutions:

1. Do more! And by that I mean actually make some of those bookmarked crafts and recipes; get out there and learn my camera better and take all those photos I wish I was!
2. Read more books and spend less time on the internet. I read a lot as it is, but with all the time I spend just clicking around imagine what more I could actually read! Last year was a little light on the nonfiction, so I want to remedy that too!
3. Take more pictures
4. Be more organized
5. Work harder at maintaining friendships, something I have been bad with since high school.
6. Finish getting my "dream body." 2013 was a great year for that, and this year I am going to finish what I started!
7. Spend less money!! So I can buy that dream house out in the country.... ok so that is a dream that is still many, many, MANY years off, but starting now is always good!
8. Complain less about work. Face it, a job is a job... Go in with a smile, do your job, and go home with some money in your pocket to do all those things you actually want to enjoy!!!

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