About Me

Thirty Seven Oh Five is about finding the joy in and making the most out of life, everyday. Life is busy and the workweek is hectic, but moments that become treasured memories can happen at any second, not just on vacation or weekends. I want to try to live my life in a way that I am ready to embrace and enjoy those moments wherever and whenever they may occur. Easier said than done, but a goal none the less! I hope you will enjoy all the stuff I plan to share here. You will be able to find my photography, recipes, crafts, book recommendations, thoughts, and ideas. Not to mention a lot of my cat, Churchill....

006. My bestest.

By day I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist living and working in the great state of Wisconsin. I read a lot, take a lot of photos, most of which never see the light of day, and knit and sew, among other things, in between. 

By night I am an epic nerd watching and rewatching the LotRs and Avengers-verse movies, having deep deep conversations about Teen Wolf with my sister, and dream about writing the next big epic fantasy novel... What can I say? I am a well rounded person!

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