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Well..... 2016 is almost over and I haven't posted since January. In my last post I said I wasn't sure if I was sad to see 2015 go or not. I can say for sure this year: I can't wait until 2016 is over and gone! I know December 31st and January 1st aren't really that different (except for one day you may have a hangover, the other you may not), but in my mind the new year is just that: NEW! And full of promise of good things to come as long as you work hard and open yourself up to them. 2016 was a year of change, and a year of good and bad. But I don't want to dwell on that! It is still early(ish) December and the joy of Christmas is still ahead!

Yesterday began the first real snowstorm of the year. We had one before but it was the slushy type that melted as soon as you stepped on it and was gone by the next morning. But today? SNOW! I woke up at 3:37 am and fully intended to go back to bed....but I could only lay there and think of all the things I wanted to do today! Now 3:37am might seem early to some, but I wake up at 3am a lot for work so even though I wanted to sleep until at least still wasn't super early for me. I am more of a morning person anyway. Mornings are kind of like the new year for me in a way; no matter if you are awake early or late, it is going to be dark, but the morning still has the promise of a good day ahead of it...As I sit here typing I can hear my neighbor pulling out his snowmobile for the first time this year. Another good thing about my morning habits is that I am always awake before the rest of the world it seems. Nothing but me, nature, and the quiet.

I waited until I thought it would be light enough for some decent pictures before I bundled up and went outside. It was lovely. Maybe I will head out later too. It has been snowing slowly all day; no blizzard here, but a soft, consistent snow.

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