Friday, January 3, 2014

Today is actually my first day off in the new year, which is kind of fun because although I worked the 1st and 2nd, I now have a three day weekend to enjoy! I thought that today I would share some of the things I hope to do in 2014.

I got the Kinfolk cookbook for Christmas and I hope to try most, if not all, of the recipes in it this year. I like the recipes that I have found in Kinfolk because they always make me try something new. Just flipping through the book I have seen some ingredients called for that I would probably never have tried on my own. I try to make a new recipe at least once a week, although this seems to happen more in the summer than in the winter...Probably because I am less likely to want to go out in the cold for any ingredients I don't already have. I will be sure to share and let you know which recipes make it onto my 'will make again' list!

Knitting, knitting, knitting. Something I dearly love Mostly, I think, because I tend to jump around a lot with projects. I also plan to finish and actually wear a sweater this year. I will! I must! I want to share my progress and projects because I find that a lot of the patterns I end up really liking and want to use are ones that I have seen on other blogs. I think there is always something inspiring about seeing the finished work of something someone took the time to make with their hands. I love Ravelry and it is my go to for finding patterns when I have something specific in mind, but sometimes it's the projects I stumble randomly upon that I like the most.

And finally, there is the pile of books I hope to make it through in the first part of the year... not to mention all the books I have waiting on my Nook!

I think I struggle with having so much I want to do that I overwhelm myself and end up doing nothing. I forget what book it was in, one of the classics I know that, but one of the characters divided up her entire day... from 10-11 embroidery, from 11-12 knitting, from 12-1 lunch... that is not, of course, her exact schedule but I think you get the point. Perhaps I should try that??

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