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Thursday, April 12, 2012

To start, my gardening skills are a bit spotty. Sometimes stuff grows, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it is growing and looks great! Then I get home from work and it doesn't look so great anymore and I am left scratching my head.

This year I began planting indoor herbs early. Last year was a good year, but this year? Not so much. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe it is too cold for the warmth loving basil? Maybe the new planters I bought to make my room look nicer are too small???? I have no idea, truly.



So I am trying again. This time I am adding Earthworm Castings for fertilizer. A family friend recently bought a business that produces this stuff, which is, basically, worm poop. But it is like black gold when it comes to gardening. My mom recently started using it and her plants look great. My mom and I actually work there on the weekends. Since it is a family friend and they just started, I work for fertilizer, rather than money! It is a lot of hard work but even more fun. So here is hoping the worm poop works!


I also am trying a grow light for the seeds. Hopefully it will produce stronger plants, since I read that plants will grow tall and spindly if they have to reach for a light.

So hopefully my basil will start to grow! I like growing stuff from seeds because it is cheaper and I feel so very accomplished when they grow. But if worse comes to worst, I will have to by a started plant when they start showing up at the gardening stores.

To make myself feel better about this whole thing, I bought two Ivy plants that will hopefully grow! The guy at the store told me they were non-toxic to cats, but, surprise surprise, when I checked the ASPCA website, they were listed as toxic. Story of my life. Oh well, it has been two days and he hasn't even noticed them.



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